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Buy Albuquerque lofi indie rock and 100% of your sale goes to charity.

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- Sleeping Dogs Lie / Mud & Sky (2014)

- Sleeping Dogs Lie / La Luz (2010)

- Sleeping Dogs Lie / Trieste (2008)

- Sleeping Dogs Lie / Swirl (2007)

- Sleeping Dogs Lie / Head first down the stairs (2006)

- Sleeping Dogs Lie / Nude (2002)

- Sleeping Dogs Lie / Slightly confusing to a stranger (2000)

- Sleeping Dogs Lie / Joy (1997)

- Hello / The last place on Earth (2000)

- Acetythane / Detach (2002)

- Milkfed / self-titled (1999)

- Jojoesque / self-titled (1998)

The Indie Rock Box includes all of the Sleeping Dogs Lie cds (100 songs!) above as well as photos, stickers, used guitar strings, picks and even original lyric sheets of Sleeping Dogs Lie songs and other fun surprises. The

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